Working exclusively in Portugal and Spain, we create memorable experiences drawing on Greg Edwards more than twenty years of living in both countries, our extensive knowledge of all aspects of life and culture in these two neighboring countries and long term professional relationships with travel professionals who share the same passion for helping travelers discover the endless opportunities in these to fascinating countries located at the very edge of Western Europe.


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Destination Experts in Spain and Portugal

Through the years we've helped created romantic dreams for new couples during their honeymoons, arranged Corporate Overseas Experiences for private companies from the United States and Philippines and provided countless other bespoke travel experiences for families, friends and small groups where all arrangements were handled to perfection.

Throughout Spain and Portugal we arrange private vacations that show places rarely open to public tours and exclusive experiences like including culinary classes with local chefs, sailing along the coastline of Barcelona and Lisbon, participating in wine harvests (and stomping grapes by foot) to visiting Olive Oil and Cork Tree plantations.

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How to Get Started

Take a few minutes to browse some ideas in Spain and Portugal that can be included into your vacation. See the sample itinerary prepared for a family of 6 in May 2018 for some ideas. Put together your own ideas on where you would like to visit and let us design the rest of the trip around these, or gather the members of your family or group, decide on what you would like to enjoy together and contact us to make it happen. Call us in the USA at 719-639-4325 email us.

We've traveled through Spain and Portugal and our itineraries have included these places on Instagram. Take a look and maybe find something that you would like to experience during your vacation. Feel free to get in touch to start planning today!

Guest Testimonial from Lee and Charles Warren, Charleston, NC
 "Fantastic Trip through Portugal and Spain"
Thanks to Greg and his team our trip was one of the best we ever made. Being a private trip we let him make all the arrangements; great hotels and private apartments for our stays and visiting wonderful off the beaten track places that we never would have found on our own. I cannot speak highly enough of Greg and his services and welcome anyone's questions.