We're committed to providing exceptional travel experiences to Portugal and Spain, two countries where Greg Edward has lived after arriving in Europe from Los Angeles in the mid 1990's. For two decades Greg Edward has been designing vacations for travelers yearning to discover Portugal and Spain without being part of large tour groups.

With our insiders knowledge that comes from several decades of living in both countries, we pride ourselves in delivering unique experiences with hand selected properties, expert guides and exceptional drivers to create  custom itineraries to make your trip of a lifetime to Spain or Portugal unforgettable with memories that will last a lifetime.


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How to Get Started

Take a few minutes to browse some ideas in Spain and Portugal that can be included into your vacation. Put together your own ideas on where you would like to visit and let us design the rest of the trip around these, gather the members of your family or group, decide on what you wish to experience and contact us to make your dream a reality.

Our clients have traveled in Spain and Portugal visiting places shown below. Click on any picture and visit our Instagram page, where you might find something to experience yourself. Feel free to get in touch to start planning today!

Guest Testimonial from Lee and Charles Warren, Charleston, NC

 "Fantastic Trip through Portugal and Spain"

Thanks to Greg and his team our trip was one of the best we ever made. Being a private trip we let him make all the arrangements; great hotels and private apartments for our stays and visiting wonderful off the beaten track places that we never would have found on our own. I cannot speak highly enough of Greg and his services and welcome anyone's questions.