Spain & Portugal Vacations creates bespoke experiences for discerning travelers searching beyond the typical large tour groups. You will travel exclusively with those in your party whilst discovering the culture, traditions, gastronomy and ways of life which have evolved throughout the centuries into two fascinating countries of Portugal and Spain where you’ll find something special everywhere your tailor-made journey encompasses.

Designing trips to Spain and Portugal since 1995, when Greg Edward arrived in Lisbon after leaving Los Angeles for an adventure that continues to this day, our passion has always been helping discerning travelers experience Portugal and Spain through tailor-made trips. Our team is dedicated in making sure every traveler receives one-on-one personal attention and working with you to provide the sophisticated and exciting experiences.

We take care of everything to ensure a seamless journey, from selected accommodations, transportation (airport transfers, train tickets, private drivers, etc.), English speaking guides, sightseeing and special experiences.


Spain is a lively country rich with Mediterranean flavors, unique traditions and exciting nightlife. Discover the culture and be captivated by works of artists like Picasso and El Greco, festivals including the Running of Bulls in Pamplona and springtime Fair of Seville. Stay in royal manor houses, former convents and luxury seaside accommodations which include the 96 hotels in the PARADORES of Spain. We make dream vacations to Spain a reality!

Imagine lunch aboard a yacht in the crisp blue waters off Mallorca, serenaded by Spanish classical guitar during romantic dinners or exploring the ancient Moorish palace of the Alhambra in Granada. Wine aficionados will meet some of the best Spanish winemakers and learn how they make world class wines. And the food…oh the food ! Paella, mouthwatering Spanish ham, olives fresh from the tree … endless combinations of cuisine await.

We handle all details of your Spanish Adventure which allows for experiencing Spain without feeling like a “tourist”with e personalized itineraries that reflect your interests … not a tour for the masses.

Portugal evokes memories of fearless maritime discoverers like Vasco da Gama and others who were the first European’s to sail around the Horn of Africa and Cape of Good Hope (in the 15th and 16th centuries) to reach India, bringing to the “masses” spices before available only to the upper classes. Portugal was the first European maritime power whose influence on the world extends to this very day. But there’s much more to the story of this tiny nation occupying the western portion of the Iberian peninsula shared with neighboring Spain.

Travel to the beaches of the southern Algarve region and surf the world’s biggest swells in Peniche, learn the story of the “Hidden Jewish Community” in Belmonte, the noble town of Porto and UNESCO World Heritage site of the Douro River, the world’s first Demarcated Wine Region and stay in ancient palaces and monasteries converted into luxury accommodations found throughout Portugal.

Our passion goes beyond simply sending people on a trip…we design experiences.


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Reading some reviews from past travelers helps find out what they experienced (real reviews can be read on Trip Advisor) to find experiences include in your itinerary. Find out about our team – Meet our Team and see photos from our guests past travels to Portugal and Spain on Instagram

Contact us via email and let us know everything you wish to experience, along with an estimated budget, and we’ll reply with general ideas. If you like whats presented we’ll ask for a short conversation to learn more about what you envision and begin the planning of your unique Spain and Portugal Vacation.