Would you randomly book a holiday without knowing that every aspect of the trip fulfills your wishes?

Spain & Portugal Vacations "co-creates” bespoke experiences for travelers based around their interests and style of travel. To insure your Spain and Portugal vacations are truly memorable we involve you fully in the planning and organizing of your vacation and use in-depth local knowledge to arrange the perfect trip.

We've been designing trips to Spain and Portugal since 1995, when Greg Edward arrived in Lisbon after leaving Los Angeles for an adventure that continues to this day. With a passion for experiencing new cultures and deep understanding of both Portugal and Spain, drawn from Greg's two decades living in Portugal and Spain, our team is dedicated to providing the best possible Portugal & Spain vacation for each individual vacation.

Imaging learning to cook a Portuguese meal in a 500 year old manor house surrounded by vineyards or  watching the incredible horsemanship at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Arts in Spain?

Your vacation includes everything necessary to ensure a seamless journey, including accommodations, transportation (airport transfers, train tickets, private drivers, etc.), English speaking guides, sightseeing and special experiences.

We look forward to sharing these adventures and many other during your tailor-made vacation!


Start Planning Your Vacation

Gather the members of your family or group, decide on what you wish to experience or simply let us design the prefect trip for you. Reading some reviews from former travelers will give ideas on what they experienced (these are real reviews, many which can be read on Trip Advisor). Looking at the real itinerary shown on our webpage will give you a better idea of what we have arranged for a previous vacation, and what to expect for your trip.

After sending the initial email  which includes everything you wish to experience, along with an estimated budget, we'll reply with general ideas and let you decide whether to have us work on your trip. From there we'll ask for a short conversation to learn more about what you envision and begin the planning of your unique vacation.

Testimonial from Lee and Charles Warren, Charleston, NC

 "Fantastic Trip through Portugal and Spain"

Thanks to Greg our trip was one of the best we ever made.

Being a private trip we let him make all the arrangements; great hotels and private apartments for our stays and visiting wonderful off the beaten track places that we never would have found on our own.

I cannot speak highly enough of Greg and his services and welcome anyone's questions.