Our Story

Greg Edward lived in Los Angeles before relocating to Lisbon, Portugal in late 1995 with plans to stay six months learning the Portuguese language. His six month stay turned into more than 24 years of living in Portugal and then Spain. He began working in tourism during the Lisbon Expo in 1998 when, at the behest of a former General Manager of the Four Seasons Hotel he accompanied VIP guests to the Lisbon Expo '98and also arranging their visits and planning their itineraries in Lisbon. He was responsible for sightseeing, dinners and special events during their stay.

He began working as an Independent Tour Guide in Portugal and after discovering that travelers rarely visited Portugal and Spain without joining large tour groups, started his first travel company to provide travelers and small groups bespoke vacations planned to their interests and style of travel. In early 2001 Greg expanded into neighboring Spain and lived several years in various cities, including Barcelona, Madrid and San Sebastian.

Our tours designed in Spain follow the guiding principle as in Portugal; attention to travelers needs and interests by personally working with them in arranging sophisticated and exciting itineraries for their vacations in Portugal and Spain.

Now living near Denver, Greg Edward maintains a home in Portugal and spends six months each year in both countries looking for new experiences for our clients and maintaining personal and professional relationships.

Our Team

Greg Edward Spain and Portugal Vacations

Greg Edward


Greg Edward moved to Portugal in 1994 and started his career in the travel industry guiding private clients of the Four Seasons Hotel in Lisbon. Greg's passion for his adopted countries shows through the experiences arranged for travelers interested in seeing both countries on private vacations. Maintaining a home in Portugal, he spends most days researching new experiences and leading private group tours and accompanying selected travelers to Spain and Portugal.



Douglas Prats

Translator and Destination Specialist

Douglas came to Spain on a study-abroad program in the early nineties and fell in love with Madrid, his second home.

He has a BA in Int’l Relations and an MA in Hispanic Literature and has spent these last 25 years discovering places all over Iberia to share with visiting friends and family. Based in Madrid, he also works as a translator, teacher, guide and copywriter. Douglas joined our team in May 2019.



Jen Rowens Spain and Portugal Vacations

Jen Rowens

Social Media & Marketing

Jennifer Rowens degree is in Marketing and Design. She met Greg in 2008 while traveling with her parents. A few years ago she contacted Greg and started working with him. Currently living in London, Jen handles all Social Media.

Jose Spain and Portugal Vacations

Joseph (Jose) Ignacio

Vacation Specialist

Jose family are 2nd generation emigrants to the USA who arrived from the north of Spain, near Bilbao. He has a Masters in Tourism and helps arrange our itineraries to Spain with an attention to detail that constantly amazes everyone!


Portugal . .  . . of the Discoveries . . . of so many UNESCO World Heritage Sites

I was going to Lisbon to embark on a Mediterranean cruise with friends. But what on earth got into me to take a car and drive into the northern parts of Portugal for a week beforehand? And how fortunate I was to have located Greg Edward.

You brought history to life with your encyclopaedic knowledge of such a fascinating country with all the added stories that make the ‘learning’ so interesting. I have been going through your trip notes and realising that we could easily have spent twice the time and still not seen it all. I still marvel at how you came up with such interesting people for us to meet along the way. I commend you for the way you have developed and deliver this very personal approach to your travel business.

Michael M., Vice President American Express Travel (retired), Sydney, Australia