Day Trips and Cruise Ship Excursions in Portugal

When in Lisbon or Porto, either during your cruise ship stop or touring Portugal by land, here are two destinations you must visit. Both are easy to access from Porto and Lisbon and both are truly unique places.

When people visit these magical places, everyone is amazed that “little” Portugal has such cool spots.

Aveiro Portugal. Moleiro Boats on the Canal


Aveiro was built on a lagoon, probably in the 15/16th centuries, that was filled with a heavy seaweed during a great storm from the Atlantic Ocean, which caused the decline of the fishing industry and began the cultivation of reclaimed land by the inhabitants. These hardy people used the seaweed to fertilize the soul and carved out small plots of land which still exist today. Their is a beauty found in the several canals with the moleiro boats (fisherman’s boats) which in old days gathered the seaweed and today carry persons through the canals, like Venice.

A short drive is the beach town of Costa Nova with small houses painted in colorful stripes. These were the storage buildings of the fishermen on old times; today these are summer homes. Some of the best seafood on the Atlantic coast in restaurants found on the Costa Nova beach… contact us for the name of our favorite one !


Castle of Obidos, Portugal


Obidos was the town given to the Queens of Portugal on their wedding day (from the King) and for this reason its called the “Queens Village”. The village is encircled by the original walls, streets are all cobblestone, winding their way through the medieval whitewashed houses with beautiful Bougainvillea growing along the walls and geraniums in the window boxes. Try a drink called “ginginha” which is a black cherry liquor served in a shot glass with a cherry inside. And make the trek along the city walls to the back part of town with the huge castle walls !

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