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On June 28th we arranged a shore excursion for persons from the USA that were on the Norwegian Pearl. They visited Lisbon with private motorist and then had lunch in Sesimbra.

Sesimbra is a fishing village that lies on the Atlantic coast about 30 minutes from Lisbon.

Located on the Setubal Peninsula, Sesimbra is one of those rare gems in Portugal that’s easy to get to from almost anywhere in the Lisbon area. It’s history starts with the Moors who built a castle where once lived the inhabitants (in the very early days of the Portuguese kingdom). The castle was instrumental in the protection of the coast from pirates that once aided with impunity the coastal areas of Portugal and even into the British Isles and northern Europe.

Those days are long gone and the sleep village that was Sesimbra has changed immensely from those times, and indeed in the last 20 years has expanded into a very busy place where people flock to the beaches in the summertime.

It’s also the place with some of the freshest seafood on the coast, which is caught from the crystal blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. They even have their own “fishery” located at the harbor of town. You cannot go wrong when visiting Sesimbra if looking for a delicious meal !

If you are arriving on ship or visiting Portugal, we’ll arrange an afternoon in Sesimbra to see for yourself this very special place that almost all visitors to Portugal miss!

Side Note:

from Greg Edward (owner of Spain and Portugal Vacations)

“That’s the first place I lived when I moved to Portugal in 1994. When I lived there, none of those houses were up on the hillside, nor were any of the hotels and big apartment buildings existing on the road that drives around towards the pier. My first memory from Sesimbra was seeing old women dressed completely in black because they were widows.

We used to live very near to Sesimbra, in the town of Almoinha.

In fact our neighbors, who were from South Africa, are still friends to this day on Facebook. Although we have not seen one another in many years, they made it possible for me to feel like I was “at home” with their friendship. Many great memories are cherished from those days.”

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