What is an Authentic Travel Experience

Many times were asked this question; What does an Authentic Vacation mean?

Since the late 1990’s we’ve arranged vacations that are tailor-made, which means every trip is created from scratch for every traveler we work with. Authenticity is generally associated with something that is genuine, real, or true.

Authenticity is a pretty complex idea – what one person sees as an authentic experience, another may view as a sham. And if a person believes they are getting an authentic experience, it may not matter whether it’s spontaneous or staged. One can argue that an “authentic tourism experience” is a contradiction in terms. When places or experiences are discovered and populated by tourists, they ultimately change by the demands of tourists themselves and the economic opportunity this presents to providers. The presence of tourism can lead to “Disneyfication” – when a place becomes contrived in order to sell itself to consumers – and can expose local people and cultures to manipulation and exploitation. And so, the tourists’ search for authenticity continues. This is where the following come into play:


The strategy of “co-creation” offers an attractive alternative within the search for authenticity. Under this strategy, value is created as tourists help to construct their own experience by engaging with each other, the tourism provider and also local people. Tourism operators in many countries are now providing different types of tourism products, which co-create an authentic tourism experience. Here, tourists have the opportunity to cook with a local chef using local ingredients, recipes and cooking techniques. This is what we have done from the beginning.

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